All About Diesel Performance 

Gas performance has been around for years, and diesel has just been something for all work and no play until recently that is.

Engine manufacturers have been producing quieter, more powerful, more fuel efficient and much cleaner smelling engines than ever before. You can also get dodge Cummins performance by clicking right here.

 Vehicle manufacturers have been dropping them into bodies with leather seats, great styling, softer suppressions and every other option under the sun. So, what did this do? Well, it caused the mid-size diesel market to boom! With an increase of vehicles on the road, a demand for increased power and performance soon followed.

With advancements in vehicle electronics, it has never been easier and safer to increase power. Manufacturers of these products soon realized they could crack the codes and unleash an amazing amount of power out of these under tuned diesel engines. Could you imagine increasing the horsepower of your gas job by a hundred with just a little box that took ten minutes to install?

For the most part, yes. It is that easy. We do recommend making air-flow modifications, the one thing I always tell people is “with increased air-flow you’re more efficiently burning the fuel which leads to increase in power and fuel economy”.

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