Different Kinds Of Cosmetic Anesthesia You Should Know

There are people who like to improve the appearance of their face to make themselves look prettier and younger. That is why they would go under a cosmetic surgery operation to achieve this which has different kinds of procedures depending on what is needed. Others undergo this for another reason like fixing their facial features that were damaged by an accident.

There are many different aspects during the operation that you should understand beforehand in order to make and informed decision. This includes the method that the cosmetic anesthesia will be administered to you specially when you need full sedation. Being sedated means you would not feel anything during the surgery such as the pain when the instruments are used on your body.

If the operation is a minor one and only a small area of your body would be operated then injection is the preferred option. You must know and be aware of your pain tolerance though so that the doctor can determine the right amount to be injected. This option is ideal for when you need to have your small bumps and lumps removed.

If you are afraid of needles being injected on you then another option is to take an anxiolytic agent together with pain medication by mouth. This should be taken half an hour before the operation and you will become relaxed or even sleepy. Then they inject a local anesthesia which you would not feel the prick of its needle anymore.

IV sedation is another method and must be performed with an anesthesiologist around that could monitor the vital signs of a patient. This allows the cosmetologist to concentrate in doing the surgery while being able to adjust the sedation level as needed. Using this is perfect when patients do not know how much pain they could tolerate.

The IV can be used also to add amnesic drugs that make patients forget what has happened during the surgery. They are asleep usually but are capable of breathing by themselves and if they felt pain while being operated, they might moan, verbalize or even move. This reflexes hep the surgeon know if they need to add more local ones or not.

Deep sedation is when the patients are capable of breathing by themselves but assistive devices are needed such as oral or nasal airway. Major plastic surgeries are done with this one administered on them along with local anesthesia. This lasts longer and the patient rarely ever feels the pain or even remember anything after it wears off.

General anesthesia was the main option when a patient wants to be fully sedated during an operation before IVs are being used. This is taken through inhalation and this option has many problems like prolonged recovery times, nausea and admitting the patient overnight sometimes. Risks are also increased the longer the surgery is being performed under this.

Now that you know more about them, choosing which one to have may be easier. But remember to discuss still with your doctor these options before making your choice. This is because they can advise you as they know better.

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