The Cost of Hair Transplantation

Want to know about the cost of transplanting your hair? However, we will explain the factors involved in determining prices, so you can get a better idea of ​​what costs you might see. Factors that determine the cost of a hair transplant.

You can also get detailed information about ‘hair transplant price at’ (which is also known as ‘hårtransplantasjon pris på’ in the Norwegian language).

Basically, there are two types of transplant surgeries – FUT or FUE. Follicular unit transplantation is a more common type of surgery where the strip is cut from the back of your head and hair harvested from this strip. The advantage is that you can do many grafts per session in this way – so the results can dramatic. This is the most affordable type of surgery.

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Follicular unit extraction is a new type of transplant that not all doctors will do. This involves harvesting individual hair from behind your head and grafting it to a bald area. This is a type of surgery that is less invasive. This is far more labor intensive – so the price per graft will be higher.

This again will be different from that person and your surgeon can give you an idea of ​​how much the graft you need. The cost of a transplant is usually estimated at the price per graft; if you need more grafts pay more for your transplant.

The best surgeons will cost more – that’s how it is. So, if you go with a world-famous hair transplant surgeon, you might pay little more cents per graft. Most men only do one session. But if you are truly bald and you really want to see its dramatic changes, you may need several sessions due to which the cost will increase.

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