All about Luscious Lip Fillers

Lip enhancement can be done in a variety of ways, and can not only plump up your lips but also smooth out wrinkles around the mouth, which normally occur either with age and/or as a result of smoking. And it’s not just a girl thing: both women and occasionally men seek out this form of non-surgical cosmetic procedure.

Most dermal lip fillers are temporary, meaning that they will require top-ups over a period of time. While some advertise their permanence, the result of permanent fillers often is lumpy and bumpy, so it’s advised to stay away. To know more about the non-invasive derma lip fillers in Brisbane, you can check out via the web.

All fillers are injected using a local anaesthetic and there is usually some bruising and swelling afterwards which should subside within a few days, and itching and localised pain at the site are also common.

Important rules for lip fillers enhancement:

Safety – The preferred filler for lips is hyaluronic acid based, as with this, side effects are extremely rare. This filler gives lips a natural feel, and they’re soft, and they are absorb-able and reversible if needed.

Natural looking results – Our lips are always on the go, so when we talk or smile we want it to look natural. For natural looking lips it’s best to start with a small amount of filler and add more later, if needed.

Natural feel – Choose an experienced cosmetic doctor with the right injection technique and then lumpiness should not occur. Using a soft filler such as hyaluronic acid filler also helps. Make sure that your lips pass the “kiss test” – the person kissing you should not notice any enhancement!

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