Functions And Features Of DC Motors

The Direct Current motor or the DC motor can help to convert electric energy into mechanical energy. It’s used in most household applications and digital devices. It’s commonly used in CD players, computers, remote control planes, electric razors etc.

Some of the most significant areas of the Direct Current motor comprise the rotor, armature, stator, commentators with brushes. It’s thought of as the simplest kinds of motor used in lots of electrical appliances. When compared with the AC motor, it’s more controllable and strong.

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Working Process of DC Motors

A field of magnetism is made inside the device since it’s equipped with magnets and electromagnetic windings. An armature is set between the south and south poles of the magnet within the motor. When electricity is passed through the armature, the magnetic field interacts with the field produced by the armature. The opposite polarity causes the engine to turn.

Stepper Motors: Among the most common kinds of Direct Current motors comprises the stepper motor. These electric volt motors operate on the basis of electromagnets that rotate the inner shaft. There are computer controlled stepper motors available in most of the offline and online stores. It’s commonly used in satellites, Floppy drives, CD drives, scanners, and toys. Because of the functional operations, it can be controlled quite easily. However, the stepper motors require external control as it includes reduced power.

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