Different Types of Air Blast Freezers

  1. Fluid Bed Freezers

Fluid Bed Freezers have tended to be utilized historically for fruit and vegetable products, even though they are presently being used in particular regions of the Fishmarket.

  1. Inline Freezers

These generally constitute just one belt or multi-belt program, the atmosphere is blown off horizontally across a plastic or metallic conveyor belt. Some expert applications utilize stainless steel rings. You can visit http://www.orsinc.ca/ to get more info about blast freezer.

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Inline freezers are used for capabilities up to about 400 Kg/Hr, using an item density of around 6 Kg/m2. It’s worth mentioning at this stage that with this particular size of setup it’s not uncommon to use direct growth, single phase cooling plates.

  1. Spiral Freezers

The Spiral Freezer is a system which utilizes a belt that is nimble, so rather than having a very long right conveyor, a conveyor belt of substantial length is wrapped around a drum.

The Spiral freezers are fabricated with straps in excess of one kilometer in length. The belt is encouraged and directed at a Helix round a rotating core drum.

The belt pressure increases as you move up the tiers exponentially to the eighth grade and then attains a constant value. It’s necessary that the pressure in the machine doesn’t become too large.

  1. Box freeze

In thinking about the freezing of majority packaged meat products, the Boxafreeze is used commonly within the Meat and Poultry Industries.

Boxed materials could be processed by either contact plate freezers or air burst. It’s interesting to record, for example, that different markets have evolved with the various procedures, i.e. South Africa will utilize horizontal plate freezers, whereas New Zealand utilizes air burst.

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