How Solar Cell Can Converts Sunlight Into Electricity?

A fresh record-breaking solar panel can convert around 26.3percent of the energy from sunlight into renewable power that’s developed by researchers in Japan.

There’s a new wave on renewable energy resources and with Governments, enterprises, and consumers all searching for alternative ways to create electricity. It’s been a constant quest in making the solar technology more efficient. You may also explore more about ‘solar panel'(which is also known as ‘แผงโซล่าเซลล์‘ in the Thai language) through online websites.

Researchers of this Kaneka Corporation in Japan have led to a new revolutionary study towards this in making solar cells more efficient. They’ve enhanced the photo-conversion efficiency of silicon solar cells. The solar cells developed by them are capable of converting around 26.3percent of electricity in the beams of sunlight into power. How about tree leaves converting sunlight to power? It’s observed that tree leaves have the ability to convert 3% of sunlight to energy.

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Meanwhile, the present generations of solar cells have an efficiency record set at 25.6%. So, this new development makes it marginally more efficient and benefits renewable energy resources. It’s also noted that the scientists are expected to achieve a theoretical efficiency of 29.1percent in years to come.

There are no current plans to produce the new solar cells available and customers and enterprises will need to wait for a while. Meanwhile, the group of scientists is exploring and working forward to building these cells and turning them into viable solar cells. It’s reported that these cells could be available around 2020.

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