Summer at Brela, Croatia

This summer I chose to devote my visit to the most amazing place, Croatia, with my loved ones, then years of spending holidays in France and Italy. All of us opted to go to the amazing town of Brela, in central Dalmatia.

The city of Brela delivers several exceptional restaurants, even together with national specialties. Additionally, there are a couple hotels in town, at which you may even rent a space, or proceed to the spa, or pool.

The shores are also full of the touristic offer if you would rather waterskiing, snorkeling, surfing or angling. The encompassing also supply interesting what to watch for those who are somewhat more external oriented. There are many great sailing boats present in Brela if you want to get more info on Croatia sailing boats, browse relevant sources here.

There’s a mountain named Biokovo only 10 minutes drive out of Brela, at which it is possible to go trekking and climbing, and adventure an entirely different climate. You might even go cruising on river Cetina that can be roughly 25 min drive out of Brela.

We booked our booking on the web in Brela, roughly two weeks past. We came at Brela on Sunday, mid-August. It had been a really hot, and very humid, afternoon but we found our accommodation quickly and we were settled. The accommodation was absolutely perfect, as well as the owners have been very outgoing and friendly individuals.

We had plenty of opinions about them and also we felt just like in the home. The moment we settled, we moved to the shore. The shores in Brela are magnificent, with white stripes and crystal blue sea. I was very astonished by all the beauty of the town and its surroundings.

Throughout the next number of days, we’re appreciating the gorgeous shores, drinking cocktails at local pubs, and dining in local restaurants. We went to your boat visit to an enchanting island named Brac.

My children and I spent seven wonderful and memorable days at Brela, also I would suggest it to everyone to go there and also have a good, relaxing vacation, appreciating Croatian character, food, and common lodging.

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