About Tasigna Lawsuit

Based on research from the American Society of Hematology, a connection was discovered involving the popular cancer medication and atherosclerosis, more commonly called “hardening of the arteries”. This link is inducing life-threatening complications in patients that take Tasigna.

What’s Atherosclerosis?

As this tempered mass or “plaque” develops, it narrows the lumen of the artery (the distance from the gut tubes), thus decreasing both the blood and oxygen flow to the affected organ (such as the heart, uterus, liver, thighs, stomach, and also the mind).

Tasigna Atherosclerosis Lawsuit

Are unwanted effects common?

A health journal on Leukemia printed an article showing a connection between Tasigna and peripheral artery occlusive disease. Results of this analysis demonstrated that people who consider Tasigna are more inclined to come up with PAOD than individuals who obtained a medication that was competing.

What are my odds of winning a suit?

This is dependent upon your own circumstances. Novartis has faced lawsuits. You can also browse online resources or online websites to get more details on lawyers for Tasigna.

In 2015, Novartis AG settled to cover $390 million the U.S. Department of Justice to repay a national Tasigna lawsuit concerning the illegal payments to doctors for prescribing Tasigna in addition to false and deceptive advertising.

An expert pharmaceutical litigation lawyer can help you decide if you need to submit a claim.

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