Depuy Knee Replacement Lawsuit

Knee replacements are used to replace worn-out bones so you can get back to walking, running and dancing without pain.

These medical devices have a complicated history that includes lawsuits and recalls. Learn more and see if you have to talk to a lawyer about a knee replacement suit. You can also know more about DePuy attune lawsuit via

DePuy Knee Lawsuits

Summary of knee replacement suits

Folks sue knee replacements for various legal reasons. The most well-known causes of knee replacement suits would be these:

The augmentation has been promoted as safe and effective when the manufacturer understood it was not

The implant’s flaws were associated with its manufacture, design or advertising

The producer knew or ought to have known concerning the flaws

The maker failed to warn users about the flaws and the potential injury

Knee replacement suits generally fall under a place of legislation known as faulty goods or products liability.

Recalls for knee replacement implants

There have been numerous knee implant devices remembered over the years. Reasons vary from apparatus loosening to packing flaws, the latter of which is a reason why you never heard of a particular recall.

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