Information About Stripping Slate Tiles

Slate is a metamorphic rock created from sedimentary deposits and river beds. There are different forms of slate. Most installed slate tiles are porous in nature and also have a somewhat chalky look. For these reasons, a lot of people decide to seal their slate tiles using a topical shiny sealer.

Glossy sealers seem amazing and protect the porous slate from spills, dirt and contaminate. Most topical sealers for slate are water-based wax sealers. When these sealers seem amazing and bring out the natural beauty of masterpiece that they really do have a limited lifespan.

Though the sealer will continue to guard the slate, over time it’ll get scrapes and scuffs making the mop appear dull and lose its own lovely glistening look. To reestablish the slate tiles back to their lovely look the wax sealer has to be stripped in the surface.

To remove the wax sealer you require a water foundation floor stripper. Water established flooring strippers are seen at most janitorial supply stores. Also, the major box stores carry water based flooring strippers but normally they’re less successful as professional strippers from janitorial supply stores, for professional strippers you can browse to the following source:

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Mix that the stripper with water at the most powerful ratio advocated on the leaves tag. Just like the majority of dangerous compounds wear rubber gloves in addition to a rain suit to maintain the floor stripper from the skin. Generally, water-based flooring strippers don’t have very powerful fumes but you might wish to consider wearing a respirator if you’re allergic to chemical scents.

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