Methods Used On Boiler Tube Inspection

Boiler tube collapse is rated among the primary causes of boiler outages in fossil-fired boilers. To prevent future forced downtime and unpredictable operation it is important to ascertain the origin of the problem. Normally a tube failure is an indicator of a bigger problem found further afield in the tube, and lack of comprehensive inspection will cause additional downtime and loss of earnings in the future.

Using NDT or nondestructive testing is the perfect way to perform a complete review of the system and determine just where the failure happened. NDT can be used to scrutinize various forms of boilers and can be used across a broad assortment of sectors such as chemical, petroleum, bulk storage, power and overseas. If you want to discover more about Seamless Boiler Tube (which is also known asท่อหม้อน้ำไร้รอยต่อ in the Thai language) then you can check out on the web.

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For the review of producing banks in drum boilers, methods like RFET or Remote Field Electromagnetic Technique are employed. With distant field, a probe is placed on the inside or outside of the boiler tube, and run up and down to detect defects. It can detect external and internal defects, even though it will not have the capability to discriminate between the two. Inspection can be carried out through the mud drum or steam.

Larger boiler systems with water or furnace wall tubes can be scrutinized for IO or OD defects on the hot side half of the tube. For oil and gas burning units no preparation is needed, though for petroleum that a high-pressure water blast is usually required. Access can be obtained via hard scaffolding or swing phases.

A different technology is used for these kinds of tubes, called LFET or Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Testing, and operates using similar technologies, but is made for flatter surfaces. Any surface that cannot be scanned because of bending or other difficulties can be analyzed via ultrasonic procedures to deliver a comprehensive analysis.

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