6 Ways Of Using Mobile or Tab Cameras In A Cool Way!

Camera is one of the greatest blessings of the modern world. Right from its invention, it has been taken up for multiple uses. It has made remote access easy. Camera technology has been developed in the past few decades to an extent that it can capture long distant objects with impeccable detail. It is used for strategic purposes such as surveillance and GPS,  professional purposes such as providing services remotely through video conferencing and leisure purposes which includes sharing pictures and videos on social media, or in sydney photobooth much popular in sydney parties. Camera has become potable enough to be fixed into mobiles. Here are a couple of ways to use mobile cameras in an attractive way:

Mobile camera is a saviour for near sighted people

Imagine how painful it is for near sighted people when they have lost their contacts or glasses. Irony of the situation is that you need glasses to search for your glasses. So a camera can be smartly put to work. With clear vision, it can help you look around the room without difficulty.

Mobile cameras are a good way to remind yourself and keep record

Imagine how convenient it is to keep a record of the pending homework. You do not need to write it down rather click a picture of it. Medicine prescription written on a loose page are often lost. It is easy to keep a record of it by just clicking it on the cell phone. Clicking pictures of nearby landmarks help you find your parked car. Your codes, passwords or any other important information can be preserved in camera roll just by clicking a picture.

Know information of a product by scanning barcodes

There are various apps available on android and ios devices that facilitates this function. Best used for shopping comparison where mobile camera can be used for scanning UPC code.

DIY Photobooth

With a little effort, mobile cameras can be transformed into photobooth. A cardboard holder, a tripod, clean veil for background is all it requires to turn it into photobooth.

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