Vehicular Performance Metrics – FCAR

 When at a party or a hangout filled with boys a simple mention of a car may ignite hours of discussion over automobiles. This is a simple example of how much a man loves his car. We spend quite an amount in buying a new car. Apart its maintenance and care takes significant expense on a regular basis. But that would be worth if the car lives for long without bothering the comfort. An important task to ensure that is to look for best Sydney mechanics for upkeep and maintenance. A good mechanic is able to properly diagnose all the problems of a car, give his input over any possible breakdown and fix the problems duly. Retaining a reliable mechanic is important for the reason that not every mechanic has a good hand on every vehicle. For upkeep and maintenance there are a couple of performance metrics that needs to be taken care of. Below is a brief of some of them:

Braking distance

Braking distance is a measure of how quick a vehicle tend to come at a stationary position after application of brakes. The shorter the distance the better is the safety and performance.

Brake specific fuel consumption

Technically it is the rate of fuel consumption divided by power produced. Normally depicted in range , it should be better when lower.

Fuel economy

Fuel economy is a measure of fuel efficiency. It measures distance travelled per litre or gallon of fuel. It is one of the primary things affecting choice of a car and should essentially be higher.

Top speed

Top speed is the maximum range of speed in miles or kilometer per hour a vehicle can reach in its maximum potential.

Ground pressure

Ground pressure is a measure of force applied by the vehicle body. It is measured in pascals. Mechanics in Fairfield have to make sure ground pressure is low when on standard roads and soft ground. It should be optimum keeping in mind traction of the vehicle.

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