Why Brand Name Also Plays An Important Role In Real Estate Business?

Value is of utmost importance as a brand promise for property developers. It should be a pact written in stone.

Enough with location, location, location. In the past, property developers relied mostly on the product’s location or physical attributes to sell. We build a better mousetrap and expect people to rush and buy it. Learn more about sell and purchase of real estate business from OFW investment in property in Philippines.

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But this is no longer the case. Current consumer trends prove that property hunters – investors and end-users alike – are more intelligent, more discriminating, and keener on the value that they get for every centavo that they spend.

“Creating value starts with adding value to people’s lives whether by offering them a better home, a better community, better facilities, a better investment, or simply a better business opportunity,” writes Jean Claude Saade in his article on real estate branding posted in brandchannel.com. He is a brand strategist who lives and works in Dubai, where mega developments have recently begun to sprout like a mushroom in the desert.

Building a brand is like building concrete structures. It goes through a careful process of integrating value in every aspect of planning, implementing and controlling. And much like these tangible structures, brands – and the values they represent — need proper maintenance and management, too.

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