Science Based Six Pack Explains Why Men Should Ignore Intermittent Fasting Myths

Science Based Six Pack focuses on getting fat loss results by implementing proven scientific facts towards dieting and exercise.

Men are often times very wrong about a lot of commonly held beliefs regarding nutrition and fasting. In particular, there's five things that almost everyone has wrong about intermittent fasting.

Most people assume that intermittent fasting will result in nearly unbearable starvation at first. This also leads into the second myth that one will constantly feel hungry when fasting. But anyone looking to get a six pack will quickly find out that the feeling of starvation typically disappears fairly early on in a fast. During fasting the same things that signal satiety after a big meal will be released. This quickly squashes the initial feeling of starvation that people are familiar with when they're late for a single meal. Once the Science Based Six Pack process has begun, feelings of hunger will fade into the background.

There's also a myth about lack of energy when fasting. This also touches on the fourth myth, which suggests that thinking will be clouded during a fast. Anyone who's worked on a diet can attest that fasting actually provides more, rather than less, energy. During fasting, glucose drops and the brain's standard fuel isn't available. Ketones are substituted by the body, and this is actually a more efficient fuel for the brain than glucose according to Science Based Six Pack official website. The end result is increased energy and mental clarity.

Finally, people express concern that fasting will result in muscle loss. The exact opposite is true. Fasting causes the master switch signaling muscle growth and fat burning to turn on. The muscle growth from higher energy levels will quickly reveal itself. Additionally, the body pushes itself into autophagy during a fast. This is a process by which cells essentially begin removing waste from the body on a cellular level. The body begins optimizing resources by getting rid of damaged cells which would normally be held on to. Using the Science Based Six Pack program can result in the body optimizing itself to promote peak performance.

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