Packaging Tips for Motorcycling Tour

It is common sense that you package the items that you use most often on the peak of the bags, so pack your stuff in a logical sequence.

Never keep all of your money and files in one place. Spread them around for additional security.

Okay the main thing to consider when it comes to packaging, and particularly clothes, is where you are going and what the weather forecast likes. Interested people can plan their next Moroccan tour on

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Just packing shorts and t-shirts isn’t a great idea if you will be up in the mountains enjoying the twisties whilst there’s snow on the floor.

Plan Accordingly

Try and work out just what the minimum amount of clothes is that you’ll need every day. Study the tour program/information package carefully.

Check the resort’s/B&B information and facilities. Some have swimming pools or saunas.

Rolling clothing as opposed to packing flat takes less space and makes for fewer creases. Put things like cameras, pens, adaptors, mobile phones etc. someplace handy with easy accessibility.

Toilet bags are often bulky and heavy. Take smaller amounts of toiletries in small plastic bottles but remember that 90 percent of resorts supply soap and shampoo etc. in most bathrooms.

Clothing: This will be a personal choice and to some level depend on the Kind of bike you ride, and of course where you are going, but it really is up to you if you wear leathers or fabrics or maybe even a mixture of both.

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