What’s an Expansion Joint?

An expansion joint is a meeting made to absorb the vibrations that are generated by the high temperature and also cool atmospheric conditions to the building components. The purpose is usually to maintain the complete system unscathed also provide security.

Always larger architectural structures like flyovers, stadiums, auditoriums, swimming pools, heavy complexes experience greatly increased the influence of glowing season’s high temperatures and that contributes to enlarge the construction elements expanding daily and at night cools down and that leads to contraction to the substances. As time passes, making it even more vulnerable to fractures. There is a variety of expansion joints available; one can opt for Rubber Expansion Joints also.

expansion joints


  • It’s non-staining.
  • Its excellent compression healing, at least 95 percent of the original thickness.
  • It has very good chemical resistance; mostly all weak to moderate acids.
  • Decay proof and micro-organism resistant.
  • Easy to use – It is very easy to work with and also to install it.
  • All weather proof – summer, winter in addition to the monsoon.
  • Due to its closed cell structure, it’s extremely low water absorption thus non-deteriorating and long life.

Recently it’s widely accessible to replace the old traditional bitumen impregnated boards, other types of composite sheets, rubberized sheets. It’s environment-friendly as it is produced without the use of CFC/HCFC into the manufacturing process, which is believed detrimental to the ground. If you are a modern person then you can go with Fabric Expansion Joints.


  • Airport runways in addition to taxi tracks.
  • Water and preserving excluding structures.
  • Also, they are employed to Isolation Joints to infill sections.
  • Concrete flooring and concrete streets.
  • In automobile parking lots and also in waterproofing applications.
  • Basements, flyovers, toll plaza flooring surfaces as well as subways.

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