We getting more BTO in Singapore

The new Built-To-Order (BTO) projects within the Dawson estate has intention to transform the Queenstown area through the creation of vibrant living spaces that are unlike other in Singapore. Completed earlier this year, both Skyville@Dawson and even SkyTerrace@Dawson contain building parts that are distinct to new-generation real estate estates. Associating with the style of clean-and-green living seen in recent Housing Development Board (HDB) projects, attributes such as skybridges as well as skyscraper yards are the standard. This had greatly improve the environmental-friendliness of the estates, there would be a inclusion of a roof solar panel system as well as a rain harvesting-cum-filtering system in their structural designs. Apart from setting a new criterion for skyscraper living in Singapore, developing plans for the Dawson area also intend to produce more ease for locals via strengthening the variety of area features. These efforts mostly consist of a varied mix of office jobs, which include the production of over 30 stores, 4 eateries, a grocery store and even a hawker center. We can check from http://www.thethomsonimpression.com.sg/ in details .

With the planned conclusion of all Dawson construction project by 2020, one could fairly anticipate this makeover to transform Queenstown into a bustling town once more.

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