Purchasing A Water Softener

If you are thinking about purchasing a water softener for your home, you want to first find out the quality of your water.  To determine your water quality, you can either get a water testing kit at your hardware store or you can send a sample of your water to a lab to get tested.  Since there is not too much difference in the price, it's really advantageous to get your water tested by a laboratory, that way you will know all the various minerals and metals that are in your water.  Once you have determined the quality of your water, you will want to find a water softener that can filter out all the various minerals you have, there are two main options a saltless water softener and conventional water softener. 

Since most homeowners end up purchasing conventional water softeners, and since they have been on the market for the longest, we will discuss them in this article.  With a conventional water softener there will be either one or two tanks, depending on the model.  Water will pass through a medium, which minerals and metals will be attracted to, leaving you with clean, fresh water that you can safely drink from and that won't leave any after-taste.

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